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Improved Dark Mode now available for TSI Connect

At TSI, we are constantly working on enhancements and improvements to our technology and solutions. We now have improved the dark mode for our smartphone app TSI Connect and implemented the latest ergonomic research findings. The enhancements are already active by default and the dark mode is automatically switched on in the evening and night hours on current and correctly set up smartphones. Of course, you can also activate the dark mode permanently via the settings – or switch it off – just as it suits you best.

The dark mode is automatically switched on in the evening and night hours.Bright user interfaces are often perceived as disruptive in dark environments and can lead to measurable adverse effects, especially when used in vehicles at dusk, for example when the focus switches between viewing smartphone and the road. A dark mode supports the eyes here to reduce the necessary adjustment for the different brightness levels in the eyes. As a result, you are less distracted in the car at night and can better focus on the road.

The night mode protects your eyes

The Dark Mode is a great advantage in the evening hours, as it reduces the blue light component.In addition, bright screens can have a negative influence on your natural sleep cycle, and thus make it difficult for you to fall asleep in the evening. The particular problem here is the high blue-light component, which is particularly strong in very bright or white elements.

Many newer smartphones therefore have a blue-light filter for the evening hours, though this only has a limited effect if the displayed screen content itself is very bright. Here, too, the dark mode brings great advantages, as the number of bright elements is greatly reduced from the outset and any blue-light filter has much less to do.

Save energy – Longer operating time

Dark Mode also reduces the power consumption in your smartphone.On top of that – as a nice side effect, so to speak – the dark mode also reduces the power consumption in your devices, as dark screen elements generally require far less energy for display. So you save power and increase the usable time of your smartphone between charges!

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TSI Connect is seamlessly integrated and the mobile complement to our tracking, fleet management, and working time solutions and much more. 

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