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TSI Light – The AI-Driver’s Log!

TSI Light is the automatic GPS logbook with artificial intelligence! Tax office compliant, effortless and with minimal effort.

Ideal for the self-employed, freelancers, or for private use

Simple, intuitive, convenient

With TSI Light, keeping and managing a driver’s log is easy and effortless.

The effort necessary is reduced to a minimum: travel times, distances, mileage and much more are already recorded by the system fully automatically!

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Unique AI-Functionality

Keeping a driver's logbook becomes truly automated with the artificial intelligence of our Route-AI.

TSI Light with Route-AI adds trip reason, contact person, and separates private and business trips and much more in most cases all by itself.

Route-AI Advantages

All costs at a glance

Automatically record your vehicle’s journeys and track your precise fuel usage and mileage Register, analyse, and visualise all costs relating to your vehicle for complete cost control

Flexible & Available Everywhere

With the TSI Light driver’s log you can complete your record your journeys easily and comfortably when you have time, flexibly on the go or at your work desk.

With the free mobile App TSI Connect you have your driver's log in your pocket .

It's quick and easy:
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Your Advantages

  • Accurate and automatic billing with TSI Light


    Accurately and automatically record your all your journeys and bill costs precisely to your customers. Route-AI automatically separates business and private journeys and adds contact person, reason for journey and much more almost entirely on its own.

    With optional additional information, you not only bring transparency to your travels but also register and establish proof for services rendered.

  • Tax savings for your vehicle

    Tax Savings

    If you use your vehicle privately, you may be subject to additional taxation: Using TSI Light’s driver’s log to record your private journeys, you may avoid flat-rate taxation.

    Depending on your situation, savings can be significant and easily total thousands of Euros per year!

  • Complete cost control for your vehicles with TSI Light

    Cost Control

    Use our comprehensive vehicle cost management to accurately record all costs for your vehicle, from purchase, taxes, insurance, cleaning, maintenance to repair. Even future costs such as inspections are taken into account.

    Using the integrated fuel log, you additionally record fuel costs and directly track the exact mileage of your vehicle in detail.

    It's never been easier to accurately assess the costs of each individual journey, automatically taking into account real vehicle costs, current fuel consumption and actual fuel prices.

  • Installation is fast and easy with our complete installation kit

    Fast & Easy

    You get a complete installation kit. Installation is as easy as installing a car radio and can comfortably be done by your trusted workshop or dealer. With your online login, you can start immediately!

    Find out how easy it really is in our Quick Start Guide!

  • With anti-theft protection you secure your vehicle

    Safe with anti-theft protection

    With the optional anti-theft protection, you will be alerted immediately when your vehicle is being tampered with, and you can determine vehicle’s location even after a theft!

  • More functions and features available any time with an upgrade

    Upgrade any time

    Do you discover that you need more functionality or want to manage more vehicles? No problem, an upgrade is possible at any time

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TSI Light is available starting from € 9.95 monthly including the locating module for your vehicle!

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  • Quick Start Guide

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Simple, fast and tamper-proof with TSI's Secure Tag!


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