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Protect against legal consequences with TSI's driving license check Regular driving license checks

If you, as an employer and owner of a motor vehicle, let employees drive without a valid driving license, you may in accordance with road traffic laws face fines or even imprisonment of up to one year and, in addition, in the event of a traffic accident, possibly also consequences under insurance and liability law.

German legal code:
§ 21 Straßenverkehrsgesetz (StVG) Fahren ohne Fahrerlaubnis

(1) Mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu einem Jahr oder mit Geldstrafe wird bestraft, wer … als Halter eines Kraftfahrzeugs anordnet oder zulässt, dass jemand das Fahrzeug führt, der die dazu erforderliche Fahrerlaubnis nicht hat oder dem das Führen des Fahrzeugs nach § 44 des Strafgesetzbuchs oder nach § 25 dieses Gesetzes verboten ist …

(2) Mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu sechs Monaten oder mit Geldstrafe bis zu 180 Tagessätzen wird bestraft, wer … vorsätzlich oder fahrlässig als Halter eines Kraftfahrzeugs anordnet oder zulässt, dass jemand das Fahrzeug führt, obwohl der vorgeschriebene Führerschein nach § 94 der Strafprozessordnung in Verwahrung genommen, sichergestellt oder beschlagnahmt ist …

This results in a legal basis and necessity for regular driving license checks as well as proper documentation of these checks. With TSI, you now easily comply with these obligations, and these can even be completed by your drivers themselves in a manipulation-proof manner.

Do not risk fines or even imprisonment!

Driving license check with TSI by driver himselfManagement should therefore ensure through checks that drivers have the required valid driving licenses. A check of the driving licenses should therefore be carried out at least every 6 months, but a monthly check is recommended where possible. Photocopies are not sufficient here, because they are not legally reliable and can easily be manipulated - only the original document, i.e., the driving license itself, can provide conclusive proof.

TSI SecureTags for manipulation-proof driving license checks

Of course, a mere driving license check is not enough. Regular checks must also be documented properly. It is important to ensure that the documentation is stored in accordance with data protection regulations and that only authorised persons have access to the documents, as driving licenses contain personal data.

Driver self-checks

With TSI's driving license check, your drivers can even complete checks themselves quickly and securely. This relieves fleet managers and still ensures that the legally required checks and documentation of valid driving licenses are carried out without gaps and in a tamper-proof and legally secure manner.

Use our smartphone app TSI Connect. This makes it possible for your drivers to check their driving licenses on the road and on the move, so that they can carry out the check at any time, even when they are not in the office.

The one-time set-up is simple and can easily be realised via the online portal, e.g., by your dispatcher or fleet manager. Of course, data protection is a top priority and access to this personal data is reserved for selected users only, or of course for the respective driver himself.

Naturally, this functionality is not limited to driving licenses, but can also be applied to any type of document or certificate of which you wish to verify its presence.

Fleet Management with TSI

Driver's license control is just one of the many functionalities that make fleet management and daily tasks related to your fleet and drivers easier every day. Read more about Fleet Management with TSI Fleetmanager.

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