Optional Modules

Extensions, sensors & monitoring

TSI Fleetmanager distinguishes itself with a multitude of additional modules, which broaden the already extensive basic functionality further, from direct fuel consumption logging over automatic temperature measurements (e.g. for refrigerated transports) to active monitoring and alarming.

Direct fuel consumption tracking enables substantial savings in fuel consumption

Direct fuel consumption tracking

With direct fuel tracking TSI Fleetmanager enables a detailed analysis of fuel consumption accurate per route driven. In the case of newer vehicles, the actual fuel consumption can often be taken directly from the engine but the connection of e.g. flow meters is possible as well. This allows us to provide fuel detection for vehicles of all ages and types.

In combination with automatic driver recognition, you have the possibility to not only to determine fuel costs exactly per route, but also precisely for each driver even across multiple vehicle, and to set targets in relation to them. This, way you easily introduce incentive based compensation systems, which not only improve your cost profile, but in which your drivers also benefit from responsible conduct with your vehicles. Our customers report that fuel savings of 10-15% are possible!

Fuel savings of 10-15% possible!
Automatic driver recognition Driver recognition using small key fobs for each driver

Automatic driver recognition

Our automatic driver recognition is particularly suitable for scenarios with frequently changing drivers. When responsibilities are difficult to ascertain, vehicles are often not treated optimally. With TSI’s driver recognition option you effortlessly create incentives for conscientious and responsible handling of your vehicles.

You have the choice of how you want to design the technical implementation: Use the information from the digital tachograph, integrate your existing employee cards or RFID chips, or rely on our proven solution with small inexpensive key fobs for each driver.

Driving behaviour

Do you know which influence responsible driving has on your operating costs? Our customers report 10-15% savings on fuel costs alone! But also cost reductions in wear and maintenance – albeit more difficult to quantify – are not to be neglected.

This is not a question of complete control of your drivers. Quite the opposite! The driving style analysis allows you to create new, additional incentives for a conscientious and economical driving style. Moreover, the cause is rarely to be found in the wanton behaviour individual drivers and much more often an indicator of deficiencies in professional competences or a lack of awareness for an economic driving style. With a driving style analysis, you can discover specific training needs or let your best drivers coach others.

Coupled with incentive-based remuneration, you not only create a considerable savings potential for your operating costs, but also motivate your employees to participate actively in the company's success.

Automatic temperature tracking

By connecting temperature sensors to our onboard units, our telematic solution can also be easily extended to record and monitor temperatures. This allows you, for example, to document and monitor the adherence of cooling chains – even complex multi-zone measurements are not a problem!

Not only does the solution reliably record temperatures without any intervention, but you also have the option of automatically monitoring temperature thresholds, for example to be alerted in case of a cooling unit failure. Even in the case of loading and unloading of refrigerated transports, doors are often not closed or not closed fully, thus endangering refrigerated goods. With the temperature monitoring of TSI Fleetmanager, you will be informed timely and can intervene before any damage is caused.

Hour Meters

Do you have any equipment or vehicles whose use you monitor and bill based on usage? With our hour meters, this is easy and straightforward. Our solution does not require existing counters or interfaces, because TSI’s operating hour meters work independently – even though the association with existing meters is an option, too.

Even several operating hour meters for various functions on one device or machine are also possible and offer completely new possibilities for your billing.

Flexible and versatile monitoring and alerting with TSI Fleetmanager
Automatic alerts in case of special conditions

Monitoring & Alerting

One of the main tasks of TSI Fleetmanager is to translate data into meaningful, timely and actionable information – because telematics is not an end in itself. With the flexible and versatile monitoring and alerting functions of TSI Fleetmanager, you can identify problematic situations early and in real-time, and intervene before your customers call.

You can combine a variety of parameters or monitor them individually and be alerted automatically in case of special conditions. You can use the escalation strategy to determine who is informed when and, for example, to automatically inform additional people should the issue persist.

Whether you use monitoring and alerting for anti-theft protection or for your refrigerated transports, construction machines or equipment, with the monitoring capabilities of TSI Fleetmanager you can rest assured, that someone is looking out for you!

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