Mobile Work Time Tracking

Mobile Attendance System

TSI's mobile working time recording enables timely and accurate documentation and billing of your external processes.

Mobile working time recording can be operated stand-alone or in combination with a fleet management solution. You have data available at any time in real time from any location.

With TSI, you are also declaring an end to the paper chaos!
Mobile logon point for employee-working time registration
Mobile logon point with multi-status option

Mobile Logon Points

Easily expand your vehicle telematics solution with our mobile registration points and start tracking the working hours of your employees outside the office. Your employees use small and robust transponder chips in key fob form to record their working hours at any logon point. Alternatively, you may also use your existing RFID or employee cards.

The system is self-sufficient and extremely tamper-proof. Even the use in remote areas is unproblematic – even if there is no mobile network reception! All data is cached until a transfer can take place – everything automatically, of course.

Location independent work time tracking even at remote sites

Location Independent

With our stand-alone logon points, you can also bring mobile attendance tracking anywhere regardless of the location of any vehicles. Not even a power connection is required with our battery-supported registration units. The intelligent energy management system in our units ensures long operation periods without the need to recharge.

Everything under control with our smartphone app even outside the office

Mobile-App for smartphones

Mobile working time recording is also available on the smartphone. You determine „How much smartphone“ you want:

  • As supplement for foremen and managers

    Your senior employees may manage and correct employee registrations (e.g., if they have been forgotten)

  • As an alternative

    You have employees without a vehicle? Employees who already have a company cell phone anyway? In this case, the smartphone solution can also completely replace logon points.

  • For control or examination with Private Devices

    You would like to give your employees access to the attendance data? Without much effort or expense? No problem:

    Allow your employees to access their data with their private smartphones or computers following the BYOD trend.

  • Define it yourself

    We supply the entire range, you define who should use which options. We are as flexible as you are.

Different Status Information

Your employees are paid task- and activity-dependent? Travel times or standby periods must be recorded separately? Our mobile logon points can optionally be supplemented with a status selection.

Your employee chooses his/her status and logs on as usual. The system then automatically takes into account different working time types.

The end of paper chaos: Easily enter additional information into the system

Supplementary Data

Via GPS:

You have fixed customers or projects: – cost centres, project assignments, etc. can be matched fully automatically with geo-location-based assignments. You only enter necessary master data once and the mobile working time recording takes care of the rest. You unburden your bookkeeping, reduce effort and costs, and save time when invoicing your customers.

Mobile Entry:

Mobile working time recording via smartphone allows you to record any additional data. Customer or order numbers, cost centres, or job remarks are only the most common. Our system is flexible and adapts to your specific requirements.

Increase efficiency through delegation of administrative tasks


You have many employees and the central management for corrections and work time related requests regularly pose a challenge? Delegate!

With mobile working time recording, this is particularly easy: you name e.g. team leaders or managers who are responsible for their group and who can already make most of the required corrections. You only specify what and to what extent you want to delegate. The intuitive interface makes it exceptionally easy for your employees to take on delegated tasks.

Automating complex relationships in your data through powerful rules

Rule Sets

TSI's platform also contains a powerful rule set engine that can automate even complicated working time arrangements. The possibilities go far beyond rounding of working times following your specifications or flat-rate time allowances. Previously complex and laboriously calculated regulations now go fully automated to your bookkeeping!

Assessments, analyses and integration

A wide range of reports and analyses are, of course, also available for mobile working time recording. The TSI system focuses on making data useful, expedient and meaningful – in order to unlock the maximum added value of your data for you.

Even the integration into your existing accounting systems is already realized with many supported interfaces.

Live-System Screenshots

Work-Time-Tracking Management
Record Details
Automatic Rules
Analyses & Overview
Detailed reports
Privacy & Security
Detailed logs & change history
Work-Time-Tracking Management

Work-Time-Tracking Management

With TSI’s powerful work time tracking tools managing even large teams has never been more effortless.

Keep track of every single work sign-in and easily apply corrections where necessary.

Record Details

Record Details

Inspect all aspects of any record in detail. You define what data to track and which details to record, be it order numbers, cost centers, deployment details or any other user-defined fields your business requires.

Automatic Rules

Automatic Rules

With countless possibilities for the application of automatic rules, TSI’s time recording is uniquely flexible - even in complex applications.

With the Rule Result Viewer, you always maintain full transparency and easily verify and comprehend rule applications.

Analyses & Overview

Analyses & Overview

Our sophisticated reporting system helps you manage even large amounts of data. Painlessly transform your data into accurate and meaningful overviews for your management team.

You can freely specify distinct conditions to explicitly highlight - so you can respond quickly and reliably to what’s important for your business.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports

Naturally, the system also includes detailed reports comprising exact log-on and log-off locations for your employees - individually customisable according to your requirements.

Reports can easily be created to export directly into your accounting software – supporting even older systems not capable of handling modern formats.

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

Of course, the system offers extensive functions to ensure all legal requirements for the privacy and security of personal data.

Detailed logging options can accurately record the origin and history of each record.

Detailed logs & change history

Detailed logs & change history

With TSI you fulfill all your obligation to provide proof of all salary-relevant data: The origin of and all changes to any individual data record are preserved transparently and comprehensibly at all times – and that fully automatic without any additional actions. 

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