Roadmap 2020: New features and functions

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TSI Roadmap 2020


We have all faced great challenges in the past months and we hope that you have managed to get through this period in good health and are now looking to the future with confidence once more.

This unusual time also brought with it changes: Among other things – a shift towards more home office and more active use of modern, digital solutions. We believe that this innovation push translates into encouraging prospects for the future and also creates competitive advantages for you and your business.

We continue to build on the latest technologies in our goal to make your working day easier while offering even better protection of your data. With this aim we are introducing new functions, features, and some changes.

Better security and protection for your data

New Login Methods We are introducing new login methods, including options for secure authentication using the FIDO2 standard and two/more-factor authentication.

This ensures your data’s security even in case you lose your password or should it become known to unauthorised individuals.

Incorporating the new functionality there are some small changes to the login process: the first step now will only ask for your username before you perform the actual authentication in the following steps, either using your familiar password, new one-time passwords, or using a secure, passwordless login using hardware-based keys.

As long as you do not use any of the new login options, this change is purely cosmetic in nature. However, we recommend that you inform your users in order to preempt any possible confusion.

These changes are necessary to enable the new functionality around passwordless logins and two- factor authentication. Here is an overview of our most important new & secure login methods:

Strong authentication with FIDO2/WebAuthN standard

FIDO2 compatible security keys With FIDO2 compatible security keys you not only log on to the system with unmatched swiftness and convenience, but also extremely securely — and all this without the need for any passwords. All you need is a security key or a compatible device that can securely manage your login credentials, for example using Windows Hello™, Face ID™ or your fingerprint enabled Android device.

Say goodbye to passwords with strong authentication!

The Authenticator app on your smartphone provides you with one-time-passwords conveniently and without waiting times.Login with Authenticator (TOTP)

With the Time-based One-Time-Password (TOTP) procedure you use short-lived passwords that are generated individually for each login. Usually such passwords are only valid for 30 seconds, making misuse virtually impossible. An Authenticator app on your smartphone provides you with these passwords conveniently and without waiting times.

For the app there are many often free offers from different vendors for iPhone and Android. Here is a short selection:

  • Microsoft Authenticator

    Free Authenticator App from Microsoft. This app supports Microsoft's own authentication variants as well as the TOTP procedure.

    In this app you can easily add TSI Monitor access by conveniently scanning the corresponding QR code during the initial setup.

    • For iOS

      Microsoft Authenticator on the Apple App Store

    • For Android

      Microsoft Authenticator on the Play Store

  • Google Authenticator

    Google also offers a free app for two-factor authentication, which supports the TOTP procedure.

    Here, the QR code can also be read in via the camera during initial setup.

    • For iOS

      Google Authenticator on the Apple App Store

    • For Android

      Google Authenticator on the Play Store

One-time passwords via e-mail or SMS

One-time passwords via e-mail or SMS

One-time codes via e-mail or SMS (may incur fees) supplement your registration as an alternative to your password or as a second factor to effectively protect your access, even if your password should ever get lost or known.

Extensive configuration and policy options

Are you already interested and would like to try out the new functionality today?

Take part in our early access programme and secure your data even better starting now.

Join our early access programme now and try out new features today.

Of course – just as is usual here at TSI – there are extensive configuration options and policy settings, so that you specify exactly who, when, on which device, with which options, gets access to the system, or which safety functions may or must be used.

You always stay in control and meet all requirements and obligations from data protection legislation to which you may be subject, e.g. the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We gradually introduce the new login method functionality until the end of 2020.

Self-Service account & password recovery for users

Self-Service account & password recovery for users With our new, optional automated account and password recovery, your users will be able to reset their accounts and passwords by themselves in the future, in case a password is forgotten, or account access lost.

This not only is a relieve to supervisors and administrators in your company but also significantly reduces waiting times and delays for your users. Of course, you define the security requirements your users have to meet – so you are always in control and can choose an optimal balance between convenience and security.

TSI Connect PWA supersedes Android version

TSI Connect PWA ersetzt Android Version TSI Connect in the PWA version has now not only reached a level of maturity that equals the TSI Android App (from the App Store) but surpasses it in many aspects and functionalities.

You can read about what PWA technology is and what advantages it brings for you in our series of articles on „Progressive Web Apps“ from February/March: You as a user exclusively benefit from the PWA version, from a simplified installation, faster update cycles and better security. Find out more in our article series:

Further new functionality and features will not be included in the TSI Connect - Android version. However, we will continue to provide regular support, security updates and security fixes until June 1, 2021.

New minimum browser requirements
(Discontinued support of Internet Explorer 11)

New minimum browser requirements Many of the new features rely on modern technologies, without which the implementation would not be possible. This inevitably means the end for support of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) with its last version being released already back in 2013. With Microsoft already having ceased official support Internet Explorer is now also becoming an increasing security risk.

To continue being able to integrate technical innovation we are no longer supporting IE11 for any new features and functionalities and will completely discontinue support for the obsolete browser after November 1, 2020.

This also has many advantages for you

  • Current browsers are not only faster and more efficient, they also support modern website functions without the need for legacy support. This makes the website application code not only leaner, more compact, and powerful, but also more robust, stable and of higher quality. You will notice this mainly through shorter loading times and lower load on your processor, which is also reflected in lower power consumption, which is especially helpful for laptops and smartphones.

  • By using modern technologies, working in the web system is not only measurable, but also noticeably faster.

  • Not only but especially current security functionality requires the use of modern features and functions that are only available in modern browsers.

Alternative BrowsersWhat are the alternatives?

If you are still using Internet Explorer, you can easily switch to another, modern browser. We have compiled the most popular free options for you below:

All mentioned browsers are of course free of charge.

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