TSI Monitor

TSI Monitor
Web platform for all solutions
Web platform for all solutions
  • Modular Design

    use only the functions you need, expandable at any time
  • Cloud Solution

    No need to operate servers, install or update software
  • Latest Features and Updates

    You always work with the latest version and immediately benefit from all function updates and new features automatically
  • Direct integration of your on-premise systems

    All data is delivered seamlessly into your enterprise’s ERP systems with common, standard interfaces

The foundation of our standard solutions

  • TSI Light The Online Drivers’ Log

    TSI Light

    The convenient, easy-to-use drivers’ log

    • Fully tax authority compliant

    • Ideal for self-employed, freelancers and all those who use company cars privately!
  • TSI Fleetmanager Telematic-Solution for Enterprises

    TSI Fleetmanager

    The complete telematics solution for of all sizes companies from small to large

    • Fleet Management

      Manage your fleet, automatically record fuel consumption and permanently reduce costs.

    • Remote Reading of Digital Tachographs

    • Work Time Tracking

    • Remote Monitoring & Sensors

  • Special solutions and tailor-made telematics

    With its modular design and extensibility, the TSI Monitor is the platform for all telematics solutions – ideal for connecting individual machines and data protocols and integrating even complex business processes.

Standard Functionalities

  • Standard reports, comprehensive data sheets, integrated maps, graphical analyses, ...
  • Automatic email notifications and reports
  • Custom Locations and Areas (Geo-Fencing)
  • Active monitoring of data and limits
  • Automatic alerting e.g. via SMS
  • Freely configurable and customisable
  • Standard interfaces to your ERP systems
  • Export of data to PDF, Excel, csv, ...

Automatic email notifications and reports

With automatic reports, you have the option of having reports automatically sent to your email address on a regular basis - e.g. an overview of the journeys of the last days or the location of your devices.

Thus, you are always up-to-date, even without having to log into the system — whether for an informed start to the day or your own archiving.

User-Defined Locations and Areas (Geo-Fencing)

You often work in the same places and don't want to remember addresses? No problem with custom locations:

Add a unique name to interesting places. The reports then display the name you have specified instead of the usual address.

Or even go one step further and also add customer numbers or cost centres or any other relevant information for your contacts at this location.

Active monitoring of data and limits Alerting and active notification of special events, situations or developments.

Active monitoring of data and limits and automatic alerting e.g. via SMS

With automatic monitoring, you not only have the latest information on your devices always available, but you can also be actively alerted about special events, situations or developments.

The freely configurable monitoring engine lets you monitor for any kind of event.

Unique flexibility and versatile customisation

Freely configurable and customisable

Our multifunctional application and web platform is uniquely flexible and enables versatile customisations freely adaptable to any business scenario.

In this way, you not only adapt the settings and functions of your telematics and devices precisely to your specific, individual requirements, but also easily integrate even complex special cases.

For example, not only use our intuitive Report Configurator to customise the nature, function, and appearance of your reports, but to get exactly that information from your data, which will advance your business.

Always in full control with extensive analyses and reports.
Data export to all popular formats, such as Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV

Simple connection to third-party systems

The data export in all common formats, such as Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV is of course available. For easy further processing of data, interfaces to your internal ERP systems can also be activated.

Extendable from the ground up

Extensibility and Flexibility

The TSI Monitor is designed from the ground up as an extensible system. This makes it possible to integrate your wishes and requirements easily. In many cases, simple configurations are sufficient!

Yet, you only use the functions that you really need. This reduces complexity and saves costs.

The Platform

no extra servers, no updates and no extra support staff


TSI Monitor is fault-tolerant and includes automatic recovery. Even under difficult conditions, no data is lost.

You get your telematics solution as a complete service: you need no extra servers, no updates and no extra support staff. As a cloud solution, your telematics is ready for immediate use, we take care of its reliable operation!

Your data is located in a European high-security datacentre.


Your data is located in a European high-security datacentre. TSI uses the latest security standards and procedures to guarantee the best possible protection of your data at all times!

Data protection and GDPR compliance

Data protection is a top priority at TSI! With us as a long-standing specialist, you rely on a solid partnership in the data privacy protection compliant implementation and operation of your telematics.

TSI is committed to environmental protection and all services are operated CO2 neutral


TSI is committed to environmental protection and all services are operated CO2 neutral. Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to halt climate change.

TSI - Your Telematics Partner
Your Telematics Partner

Our team is there for You!

Our team has many years of experience in the field of telematics and process control and optimisation.

We are your first contact when it comes to finding tailor-made and individual solutions for your individual processes.

With TSI Monitor and a wide network of partners, we find the optimal solution for you.

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