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TSI Inventory is the professional object management - no matter whether for tools, small devices, machines or equipment of any kind — with TSI Inventory everything is under control!

Boundless flexibility and limitless adaptability help you keeping track of all things exactly the way you need and that are really important to you, simply and intuitively.

Management of tools, small devices, machines, equipment and objects of any kind

Management of tools, small devices, machines, equipment and …

Establish a completely new level of information in your company: Know where your devices are, what they are used for, who is working with your tools and more — at all times, anytime.

With our inventory management, you not only keep an overview of your equipment and the use of your equipment, machines and tools, but you also manage your equipment with ease, smoothly and with unprecedented efficiency.

Finally there is order in your machine and tool inventory

Flexible and customised

With TSI Inventory you record and manage your entire inventory quickly and comfortably. Organise, plan and control your objects with the most current technical proficiency and accelerate routine tasks even before you start filling your orders.

No more tedious searching for the matching equipment: Coordinate your tools and devices precisely to the right place at the right time.

The system can be used and configured freely for all your devices, machines or tools and is so adaptable that you capture exactly the data and parameters that count for your business! Nearly limitless flexibility guarantees that you can get the most out of digitisation.

Protect your investments and increase productivity in your company.

Always find the right equipment right away. No more time & money-consuming empty trips because tools or equipment are missing. TSI Inventory records a chronology and history of all objects. Allocate your tools and devices precisely to wherever they are currently needed. For example, track the status of an object: Is the machine in use or is it available? Is it at your headquarters or is it currently needed at a job site?

With our system you have complete transparency in your device and tool inventory at any time.

Complete mobile integration with TSI Connect - all your data available at any time

Complete Mobile Integration

A particular advantage of TSI Inventory lies in overcoming the media gap. Regardless of in the office or on the job site — your employees always work with the latest data in real time.

Comprehensive and powerful analyses for your management at headquarters are paired with easy and intuitive usability and focused views for your field staff directly on their smartphones.

You determine - if you want in most detail - how your equipment is controlled and managed.

You can now easily implement productivity increases with mobile object management and TSI inventory

Seamless Connection

Delays, running slips, or inventory that is believed to be lost are a thing of the past. With our powerful system, you not only digitise your external processes effortlessly, but already benefit today from tomorrow’s Industry 4.0 productivity increases.

TSI Inventory adapts to your business process!

Small investment - giant potential

From small craft shops to large enterprises — TSI Inventory scales flexibly. Efficient and cost-saving digital management is no longer the privilege of industry giants with exorbitant IT departments. With TSI you are relying on a long-term partner who not only provides the turnkey solution, operates and maintains it, but also our experienced team of specialists who advise you on the implementation, setup and adaptation of the solution to your individual business case.

The system in action

Manage objects
Always up to
All the
Fully mobile, of
Object details on
                the go
Historical data on
                the smartphone
Capture new data
                with ease!
Corrections on the
Manage objects

Manage objects easily

Manage your objects easily in different groups, with all the properties that are important for your business.

Always up to

Always up to date

With TSI Inventory you always have the latest information on your tools, small devices, machines and equipment immediately available.

All the

All the details

Capture all the important details for your items - you yourself determine what those are and how those should be recorded, displayed and processed. The flexibility of the system is almost limitless


Data Chronology

The system automatically records a complete history for your devices or objects. With this you are in control at all times and can e.g. understand in detail who has used which device when and where.


Record Details

While you only see the most important information in the overviews and listings – by the way which those are is of course determined by you – you can of course also examine all the additional data you have recorded in detail for each single record.

Fully mobile, of

Fully mobile, of course!

Of course, you and your employees have full access to all your data at all times, even when you are on the move. You can of course flexibly choose which employees or groups can view, record or change selected data.

Object details on
                the go

Object details on the go

You can also view all important details about your devices, tools and equipment on your smartphone at any time.

Historical data on
                the smartphone

Historical data on the smartphone

Of course, you can also view the objects data chronology on the go.


Record Details

Additional details of each object’s records are of course also available on the go. You can specify whether all or only selected employees are able to view this data or only selected parts of it.

Capture new data
                with ease!

Capture new data with ease!

Individual entry masks that are precisely adapted to your application make the acquisition of new data for your objects child's play.

Of course, you can rely on our many years of experience when designing the views, because we won't leave you alone with the system!

Corrections on the

Corrections on the go

Corrections are also possible on the go. Here, too, it is of course you who controls who is authorised to do so, and also whether to record when and by whom the change was made and, if necessary, why.

Complete transparency - to the degree that counts for you!

With integrated RFID support, your inventory management is even faster

Even faster with RFID

With the intelligent use of RFID, you can now manage your inventory even faster and save valuable time.

No tedious searching for objects in long lists!
Use our tested RFID tags and components for an easy start with RFID

Recommended Accessory directly from TSI

Use our tested RFID tags and components for an effortless start into RFID.
Learn more

Your employees view properties and characteristics of the device or machine directly on their smartphones or handhelds and can immediately and effortlessly pull up stored information and details, such as size, date of purchase, type, maintenance data or the like, right down to illustrations.

Enable your employees in the field to identify each individual device quickly and, above all, uniquely.

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