Summer Feature Weeks 3: Do you really know how much fuel you use?


Summer Feature Weeks 3: Do you really know how much fuel you use? 

The TSI Fuel Log is the topic of this week’s instalment of our series Summer Feature Weeks. Do you know your exact fuel costs? Read here and find out how our Fuel Log can help you!



Do you really know how much fuel you use?

One of the most valued features of our platform is the Fuel Log, although many of our customers do not immediately discover this feature and its value. More than once have we heard “if only you had shown me the fuel log earlier...”

Smaller companies and individual entrepreneurs in particular often lack the time to look at the fuel costs of their vehicles and the corresponding invoices, let alone analyse them. It's clear that many other things with higher priority have precedence and that especially new users of our platform at first will not take note of the Fuel Log right away.

The good news: The TSI Fuel Log does most of the work for you, and it feels almost as if it does everything by itself. Of course, you must do some things yourself, but it is up to you when, where and how you do this – just as it suits you and the rest of your busy day: you prefer to update the fuel log while you do the bookkeeping of your bills on your PC? No problem, use your usual workplace access.

You prefer to finish it quickly while you are still at the petrol station with your vehicle? This is easy and convenient, too, with our mobile app TSI Connect. You only supplement the fuel quantity and the price paid. Your current location, mileage and many more will be filled in for you automatically.

 Fuel Log Mobile App

All the rest is taken care of for you by the TSI Fuel Log completely autonomously - and that's a lot: fuel quantities and costs are not only historically recorded and evaluated automatically, but the fuel log is fully integrated in your driver’s log and your dispositioning.

Have you ever broken down your vehicle’s fuel consumption to individual trips?Do you really know how much individual trips actually cost you? With TSI fuel log, these are no longer laborious special reports and analyses that are reserved for academics and large companies with legions of personnel in accounting.


You will see at a glance the exact costs of each individual trip, all trips of a period or of a month.How economical are different vehicles in relation to each other? Is one vehicle type or make perhaps better for your use case, or may it even be time to replace a vehicle for a more economical one? With the fuel log, these and many more questions are answered factually based on your real data, so that you have a sound decision base.

And all that fully automatic, without much effort or expense! Just TSI Fuel Log! It is quite clear why many of our customers do not want to do without it.

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