Route-AI - The intelligent driver's log

Mit Route-KI unterstützt das TSI Light Fahrtenbuch neueste Funktionen und Technologien aus der Künstlichen Intelligenz

New: With Route-AI, our driver's logbook becomes an AI driver's log

Our popular TSI Light logbook now supports state-of-the-art functions and technologies from the field of artificial intelligence. This drastically reduces the effort required to keep an automatic driver's logbook - in most cases, after only a short learning phase, manual entries are no longer necessary at all. Route-AI learns your destinations and adds the reason for the journey and additional information to your routes fully automatically.

Mit dem KI-Fahrtenbuch wird das Führen des Fahrtenbuchs zum Kinderspiel.

With our AI driver's log, keeping driving records is child's play.

Conventional logbooks are written by hand - a lot of effort and possible inaccuracies make them a stress factor for busy professional drivers. That's why many drivers like to use an automatic GPS logbook instead, minimising the effort required to record individual journeys to just a fraction.

But Route-AI can do even more!

Route- KI kann mehr!

However, even conventional automated or GPS-based driver logbooks only handle part of the process autonomously and regularly require additional user input.

For a complete driver's logbook, many further details are necessary for each business trip, which only the AI functions of Route-AI complete automatically.

Mit der künstlichen Intelligenz von Route-KI automatisieren Sie Ihr Fahrtenbuch wirklich

The self-learning artificial intelligence largely automates the recording of reasons for journeys, as well as customer or order number information, and automatically hides private trips.

Route-AI is always learning. It recognises your frequent journeys and adds related information already after a short time almost fully automatically, so that manual entries will soon become a thing of the past.

Only artificial intelligence completes your automatic driver's log!

Fahrtenbuch führen ging noch nie schneller!

Make more time for other things

TSI's driver's log with Route-AI progressively saves you more & more work, leaving more time for other tasks - a perfect solution for both employees and businesses.

It's never been quicker to keep a driver's log!

Simple to use and informative overviews

A clear overview shows which journeys have already been automatically classified by Route-AI and which trips still require follow-up. After just a short time, Route-AI learns your destinations and in most cases starts classifying your routes fully automatically.

Statistically, the majority of all trips are recurring. Hence, let Route-AI do the work for you when keeping your logbook. You only add journeys that are actually new - and Route-AI learns as you go.

This way you are always up to date and later have a complete logbook for accounting purposes with all the necessary information, e.g. for filing with the tax office.


Find out more on our information pages about our TSI Light driver's logbook solution.

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