Security on the Internet - For TSI a Must


User name and password no longer meet current security requirements.Digitalisation is driving the shift of processes from the analogue to the digital realm. This includes online account management and digital financial transactions as well as online purchases and much more.

The increasing number of stolen user data, however, shows that just entering a username and password is no longer sufficient.

Secure login with WebAuthN, 2-factor authentication and FIDO2

For TSI, the security of your data and a secure login is an important issue that we take very seriously. Therefore, we have been supporting secure authentication via WebAuthN and 2-factor authentication for a long time.

Read our story on this from last summer:

In our article Roadmap 2020: New features and functions from 7 July 2020, we reported on the different options for a secure login.

Correspondingly, we are very pleased that this is also attracting increasing attention from other leading technology players. Much positive attention is being generated in particular by industry giants such as Apple, whose products are also used by our customers in connection with our solutions, such as TSI Connect.

Apple tests passwordless login via WebAuthnApple tests passwordless login via WebAuthN

During the annual developer conference WWDC, Apple announced that it, too, is striving for a password-free future and is further expanding support for FIDO2 (Move beyond passwords - view Video).

As Techradar reported on 11 June 2021, Apple is testing passwordless logins using WebAuthN, which not only allows logging in via Face ID, fingerprint or external security key, but also via the iCloud keychain in the future.

Windows 11 requires a TPMWindows 11 with TPM only

Microsoft likewise recently made headlines with the announcement of Windows 11. One of the central messages is the focus on more security. Windows 11 will require a TPM module, which is also a central component for the secure storage of login data, among other things.

With the widespread adoption of Microsoft, we can thus optimistically hope that the fundamentals for secure and passwordless logins will find their way onto virtually all systems as a standard feature, even on devices in the low-cost and low-end range.

Data security is central for TSIData security is central for TSI

The latest developments in internet security continue to play a major role for TSI. In fact, our solutions are already at the cutting edge of implementing strong and passwordless logins with WebAuthN.

For the best protection of your data, these features must however be used by users. More in-depth support on a wider range of platforms, especially when combined with convenience for users leading to better adoption by staff, is therefore another step towards even better security - not only for TSI.

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