TSI exhibiting at the BUS2BUS 2017


BUS2BUS 2017

TSI exhibiting at the BUS2BUS 2017

TSI Telematic Services presented the latest developments and trends in bus telematics to around 1,300 trade visitors and congress participants from 21 countries.

In addition to numerous representatives from the bus industry in Germany, we were also very pleased with the high level of international attention at this year's premiere of the BUS2BUS in Berlin. During his visit, Federal Transport Minister Dobrindt underlined the "incredible dynamism" of the industry and the enormous importance of automation and networking of vehicles, which are at the core of TSI’s products.



Our solutions to reduce fuel consumption, which deliver far more than only live fuel monitoring, accurate evaluations of consumption and instant driving style analysis aroused special interest here. Our customers and partners actively use these products in incentive schemes for drivers, employees and subcontractors and report fuel savings in the double-digit percentage range!

The cost reductions thus achieved not only increase competitiveness in a highly dynamic market, but also secure current contracts and future orders, ensure prospects and long-term jobs. And last but not least, the enormous fuel savings also provide a significant contribution to environmental protection, as every saved gallon of fuel reduces polluting green-house gasses, too!

 TSI presents to trade visitors at the BUS2BUS 2017

In doing so, also TSI makes a significant contribution to the future of the bus industry here in Germany and abroad!




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