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Deadline for Tachograph Data Deletion on 31st March 2024

Deadline for Tachograph Data Deletion

By 31st March 2024, companies are required to delete tachograph data from the previous year, as outlined by EU regulations. For instance, in Germany, this is specified under the Drivers' Working Hours Regulation (FPersV).

For our clients, we undertake timely deletion, reducing your workload and ensuring compliance.

In specific cases, such as during legal investigations and accidents, or when using tachograph data for payroll, different and extended retention periods may be mandatory. Please check in time which deletion deadlines apply to you.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024

TSI wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024Dear Esteemed Clients and Partners,

In an era marked by continual transformation and various challenges, we primarily want to extend our deepest thanks for your unwavering trust and our fruitful partnership over the last year. The festive season offers a perfect moment to take a breath and consider all that we have achieved together. We feel privileged to have been part of your journey, sharing in your narratives and successes.


18th Mitteldeutsche Omnibustag 2023 in Landsberg

Logo Mitteldeuter OmnibustagThe 18th Central German Bus Day 2023 (Mitteldeutscher Omnibustag 2023) will take place in Landsberg on 15th-16th November 2023. The conference will focus on networking and innovation in the bus and coach sector. Among the numerous participants, TSI Telematic Services GmbH will take part again this year. 

At this event, we'll showcase our advanced bus telematics. A standout feature is our automated reading of digital tachographs, which can be utilised for various functions, including work time and expense reporting.


Scheduled Maintenance from 11 August 2023

Maintenance work from August 11, 2023 starting at 10:00 PMWe would like to inform you about upcoming maintenance work and upgrades to our infrastructure. During this phase, there may be temporary restrictions on the availability of our services. The maintenance work will take place over the weekend outside regular business hours to minimize any disruption to your business processes.

The planned maintenance window is 

from August 11, 2023 starting at 10:00 PM to approximately August 13, 9:00 AM

We thank you in advance for your understanding.


iOS Update 16.4 for iPhones: Web Push Notifications on par with Android Devices

With the iPhone 16.4 update, web push notifications are finally availableWith the iPhone 16.4 update, web push notifications are finally available, bringing the functionality of iPhones on par with Android devices.

TSI, as a provider of fleet management solutions, has already integrated this function for a long time. Now, finally, iPhone users can also use this popular feature of the TSI Connect app to receive notifications for urgent events, such as car theft alerts, for example. 


Everything to know for the tachograph data deletion deadline of March 31, 2023

Upcoming deletion date for tacho data is on March 31, 2023.As experts in the field of telematics and fleet management, we provide information on the correct use and storage of tachograph data, which is an important part of the European regulations. Tacho data is information about speed, driving and rest times as well as working hours of drivers recorded by a tachographs.

Data must be recorded and kept by transport companies in accordance with EU Regulation 561/2006. The upcoming deletion date for tachograph data is on 31st March 2023. All data older than one year must be deleted.

Diverging retention periodsHowever, there are cases where the retention periods for tachograph data may differ, e.g. in the case of working time recording, unforeseen events, investigations, legal disputes or internal company reasons.

To save your tachograph data, you can download and transfer them to an archive or other storage medium or notify us in good time of an alternative storage period.


Our fuel log now features AI computer vision!

Simply photograph fuel receipts for your fuel logbookTSI starts 2023 with even more artificial intelligence for your driver's log:

For who hasn't been there? Quickly fuelling up and then swiftly recording the data in the fuel log. But typing in amounts is a nuisance! So let's do away with this step and let our AI take care of it all!

Simply take a snapshot of your fuel receipt! Using computer vision, our AI automatically reads the relevant amounts on the fuel receipt and records them in the fuel log for you.

Quick, easy and now even more effortless!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you

The old year once again is almost over - it's amazing how quickly time flies.

Together we have achieved a lot this year, and we thank you for the pleasant and constructive partnership throughout the past year.


Data from driver cards: Automatic driver expenses accounting

Use driver card data automatically for your drivers' expenses claims with the unique TSI Expenses AI!Yet another opportunity to leverage the data of the driver cards from digital tachographs is utilising it for managing all of your drivers' expenses in one convenient place.

Keep track of your drivers' expenses easily, centrally and specifically tailored to your requirements. Everything is at a glance with our expenses manager — be it all expenses for the respective month, listed in detail or summarised for all drivers. Our unique Expenses AI fully automatically supports you along each step.


Mitteldeutscher Omnibustag 2022 in Gera

Meet TSI at the Central German Bus Conference (Mitteldeutscher Omnibustag) 2022The Central German Bus Conference (Mitteldeutscher Omnibustag) will take place this year on 17 and 18 November 2022 in Gera. You can look forward to seeing what the bus industry has to offer. TSI will also be represented again this year. We will inform about our state-of-the-art bus telematics, our highlight - the automatic remote reading of digital tachographs and the use of the data for many other purposes, such as working time and expenses accounting.


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New security features for 2022

At the turn of the year 2022, we will activate new security functions. After all, security is one of our top priorities.


15 Years TSI Telematic Services GmbH

TSI Telematic Services GmbH celebrates its 15th anniversary in October!

In October, TSI Telematic celebrates its 15th anniversary. These have been eventful years and TSI has grown into today's successful telematics company.